SUPAK Construction  
               Larry Supak - Owner

Our Services

Supak Construction Inc. offers many styles and features to fit your individual needs. Our options to you are endless, because we use many different fabricators and suppliers. This advantage over "parts" houses allows us the flexibility to customize your building the way you want it. Our job is to offer the customer the best options, materials, construction, and the fastest turnaround.

From our first meeting to discuss your needs, to the final walk-thru at completion, Larry Supak will be personally responsible for your project. As the owner of Supak Construction, Larry will visit and inspect each days work to insure materials are correct and delivered on time, the employees receive the necessary parts and safety equipment, and that the craftsmanship meets the higher standards which Larry has been delivering for over 30 years.

If requested or required, Supak will develope Autocad drawings with an Engineers seal. These submittal and shop drawings will show all excavation and site preperation, concrete and support details, building construction, and any mechanical rough-in routing.

Larry will visit with each client to learn of their needs, ideas, and the look of the finished building desired. Many ideas will be given as to the functionality and appearance for your building. Supak Construction uses line item sheets that will be used to prepare a detailed quotation. This time spent up front, ahead of the quotation, is vital to assuring you that the building and options chosen are a sound decision.

Supak offers the following services:
  • Expert design and consulting for any size project
  • Detailed proposals
  • Excavation and site preparation
  • Concrete slabs designed for the use of the building and environmental considerations
  • Full erection of your building using only Supak Construction approved and documented employees
  • Any subcontractors used for mechanical work meet Supaks rigid qualifications
  • Complete cleanup and removal of all debris.
  • A walk-thru with Larry after all work is completed to explain warranty, maintenance, and operation of any mechanical equipment.

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